Department of Biochemistry



Biochemistry serves as the backbone of modern medicine and advances in biochemistry have revolutionized our understanding of life. Our department excels in imparting clinically relevant knowledge of biochemistry to future medical doctors. The department is fully equipped with teaching aids and laboratory facilities and follows an efficient teaching methodology which includes formal lectures, small group sessions and practical classes. The teaching staff is groomed to take up the challenging academic assignments set up by the head of department. Student participation is encouraged to make the sessions interactive and productive. Hand-on training in diagnostic biochemistry (renal function tests, liver function tests, cardiac profile, blood glucose, bone markers and urinalysis) is also provided to students. A comprehensive schedule of tests and a university standard send-up examination form the basis of performance evaluation and provide rigorous examination drill to the students.


The teaching and ancillary staff at the department of biochemistry are wholeheartedly committed to teach the subject in the best possible way. Principal PRCMDC and college administration have extended their complete support to us in our academic and research ventures and we are always striving to achieve our goals and set higher ones as challenges for the future. The department is headed by Professor Dr. Muhammad Mustansar.


The establishment of research on firm grounds is a hallmark step of the department and we have shown excellent progress in this matter. Inter-departmental collaboration and student participation in these endeavors is highly encouraged.

Faculty of Bio-Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mustansar,
Head of Department
M.B.B.S, M.Phil

Dr. Faheem Siddiqui,
Assistant Professor, M.B.B.S, M.Phil

Dr. Aaisha Qadir,
Assistant Professor, M.B.B.S, M.Phil

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