Department of Pathology


A well-established Pathology Department is the backbone of any medical college and hospital. In clinical practice, the availability of prompt and credible results is essential in the management of patients. The Pathology department is located on the 3rd floor of the B block of PRCMC. There are well-established laboratories at PRC Teaching Hospital, supervised by the faculty of PRCMDC. These laboratories provide services round the clock.

Department of Pathology is headed by Professor Dr. Nazeefa Usman (MBBS, M. Phil) having experience in teaching to the subject for undergraduate and postgraduate students over twenty years. She is competent to manage a clinical laboratory in a hospital setting. She also has reasonable experience in medical research and medical education.

The pathology department fulfills both teaching and clinical diagnostic responsibilities, under the supervision of faculty and technical staff. This department is equipped with a Pathology museum, microscopic slides, multi-head microscope and binocular microscopes for teaching purposes.

Pathology department includes:

  • Histopathology
  • Microbiology
  • Chemical Pathology
  • Hematology and Blood bank Pathology department

Pathology Department at Pak Red Crescent Hospital is equipped with state of art equipment for each section to perform different tests under quality control program for patient samples reaching to the lab from various sections of the hospital. Faculty comprises of Three Professors, two Associate Professors, four Assistant Professor and demonstrators.

Faculty of Pathology

Prof. Dr. Nazeefa Usman,
Head of Pathology Department
Professor–Histopathology, MBBS, M.phil.

Prof. Dr. Navid Qureshi,
Professor – Histopathology, MBBS, M.Phil.

Prof. Dr Shagufta Iram,
Professor – Microbiology, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Almas Raza
Assistant Professor. – Microbiology, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Nasir Rashid
Assistant Professor – Haematology, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Sakina Jamil,
Assistant Professor – Histopathology, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Sheema Khan
Assistant Professor – Chemical, MBBS, M.Phil, Chemical Pathology MCPS, DTCD.

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