Department of Pharmacology


The Pharmacology department is headed by Professor Dr. Javaid Iqbal Ch. The Department is located on the 2nd floor of the Basic Sciences building. It has an experimental lab, a pharmacological lab, and a research lab. Additionally, the department is annexed with a museum; specimens of various herbal and patent drugs are displayed here. The museum also has a wide range of charts, related to the mechanism of action of different pharmaceutical drugs, on display. A sufficient number of well-trained and experienced faculty members with good academic credentials have been employed by the department. The department currently plays a vital role in the maintenance of the PRCTH pharmacies. Knowledge of medication, regarding various routes of administration, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions etc. is imparted to students of 3rd year MBBS.

The department of pharmacology is establishing its animal resource facility in assistance with the students. This facility is currently under construction.

Faculty of  Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal Ch.
Head of Department – Pharmacology
MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Faiza Khan
Assistant Professor, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Qura-tul-Ain
Assistant Professor, MBBS, M.Phil.

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