Collection of 20 blood bags from Minhaj ul Quran Model Town Lahore on 23rd July 2019 is a great contribution from their side to the provision of free health services to thalassaemic patients” - Secret...


Annual Sports Day – 2023


Anual Sports day was organized at PRCMDC, Dina Nath to give the student breathe of fresh air. Student and faculty participated in the sports day with full zeal and zeast.


Launch of Endoscopy in the Medical Department


PRCMDC has introduced Endoscopy to provide the best diagnosis facility in the vicity of Kasur. We believe that timely and accurate treatment can pave path to healthy and progressing Pakistan.


Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ali Malik and Prof. Dr. Rehana Malik Visit to PRCMDC


It was a great pleasure for us to welcome the legend of medicine teacher of teachers ,gem of medicine Prof Dr. Mahmood Ali Malik and renowned Gynaecologist prof Dr. Rehana Malik in Pak Red Crescent Me...


Breast Cancer Awareness Session – PRCMDC


A seminar on Breast Cancer Awareness was organized at PRCMDC to raise awareness about this fatal disease. A semminar was attended by the various health professionals. A great emphasis was given on the...

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Following are Vacant Seats at Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College

1st-Year MBBS2nd-Year MBBS3rd-Year MBBS4th-Year MBBS Final Year MBBS
Session (2022-23)Session (2021-22)Session (2021-22)Session (2020-21)Session (2019-20)

Announcement of MBBS Admissions 2023-24

In compliance with UHS policy of centralized admissions

For admission in MBBS at Pak Red Crescent Medical College please visit the online admission portal on the UHS website (www.uhs.edu.pk)