Department of Physiology


Physiology is the science and art of knowing the functioning of an organism. In human Physiology we study the working of our own body at different levels i.e., gross, system, organ, tissue and molecular level. This develops the basis for medicine. According to late Dr. Guyton, Physiology is indeed an explanation of life. What another subject matter is more fascinating, more exciting, more beautiful than the subject of life? The subject of Physiology is taught in three modes-theory; lectures, small group discussions and experimental physiology based upon the theory discussions. There is a regular feed-back in the form of pre-tests and tests. Faculty of Physiology Department comprises qualified professionals with vast experience in their fields as subject specialists, supported by the equally competent para-medical staff. Located on the ground floor, the department has a spacious well-furnished and well-equipped air-conditioned laboratory. It has a working space sufficient for 50 students at a time where facilities for experimental physiology, regarding hematology, cardiovascular system, respiration, special senses, nerve and muscle, etc. exist. Training of various clinical examinations is also conducted. In short it is a center of excellence for teaching, training and providing opportunities for research both at under-graduate and post-graduate levels.

The department is headed by Professor Dr. Naila Tariq a prominent name among Physiologists and an experienced educationist supported by Dr. Uzma Ather, a seasoned teacher in the subject as Associate Professor, with two Assistant Professors and five Demonstrators, one Lab technologist and one Lab technician. In addition to their teaching assignments, the staff undertakes research work. The department promotes the academic discussion among the students and faculty members in small groups.

The following subsections are present in the department.

  • Physiology Laboratory
  • Offices for:  Professor  Associate Professor  Assistant Professors  Demonstrators
  • Department also shares three lecture theatres and five demonstration rooms and computer lab with other departments. The department is actively involved in research activities.

Faculty of Physiology

Prof. Dr. Nayla Tariq,
Head of Department-Physiology
Professor, MBBS, M.Phil.

Dr. Uzma Ather,
Associate Professor, MBBS, M.Phil, Dip In Gynae

Dr. Sauda Usmani,
Assistant Professor, MBBS, FCPS

Dr. Wali Ullah,
Assistant Professor ,MBBS, DTCD, M.Phil.

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