Why to choose Pak Red Crescent Medical & Dental College?

The Red Crescent Medical College, unlike other private Medical Colleges, is not owned by an individual or a group of individuals; instead, it is owned by  Pak Red Crescent Society which is affiliated with the International Red Cross Society and is known for its services for the needy patients all over the world. It is running a lot of projects in Pakistan like Blood Banks, Thalassemia centers and the projects for disaster management. The Red Crescent Medical College & Teaching Hospital was one of those projects which were built in 2012 on main Multan Road, about 48 KM from Lahore. The hospital provides free treatment to all the deserving patients. To financially support the hospital and to attract senior and experienced doctors, the management decided to establish a medical college in the same premises.


  • To offer a program approved and accredited by the University of Health Sciences Lahore, that accede to PM&DC and international standards.
  • To provide a conducive environment for learning and skill development.
  • To equip the medical students with medical knowledge based on critical Judgment, evidence and community experience.
  • To inculcate professionalism, vigor and ethical values in students, thus enabling them to serve the ailing community with compassion.
  • To transform students into lifelong learners with an attitude essential for continuous Medical Education & continuous professional development.
  • To prepare the students for disaster management in case of natural calamities at the national level.


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Professionalism
  • Compassion


  • Subsidiary of Pak Red Crescent society, affiliated with international Red Crescent / Red Cross Society.
  • Approved by ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan.
  • Recognized and registered by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Affiliated with University of Health Sciences, Lahore
  • Listed in International medical education Directory.
  • Outstanding faculty and Conducive academic environment.
  • Purpose built college and hospital building in same premises.
  • Separate girls and boys hostel in College premises.
  • AC transport facility for faculty and students.
  • Ideal location on main Multan Road.
  • Secure and disciplined environment.
  • Tertiary care teaching hospital is recognized by PM&DC / PMC & PHC.
  • Competitive fee structure.
  • The college academic council comprises heads of academic departments and chaired by the Principal. The council monitors and regulates curriculum, extracurricular program of the college, in order to ensure compliance with regulation of PM&DC/UHS and all other matters related to education.

Accrediation & Affiliation

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