Department of Anatomy


The subject of Anatomy forms the axis and an integral component of medicine at both under-and postgraduate levels. The anatomy department is headed by Professor Dr. Nahid Tawakal.

Objectives of department

  • To teach anatomy in a conducive environment
  • To make the students familiar with the structure of the body
  • To update the students with relevant clinical anatomy

The department of Anatomy is located on the first floor of Basic Sciences Block 1 of the college. It comprises the following sections.

Dissection Hall

It is located on the first floor and is well ventilated and capacious to accommodate 5 mortuary tables and 100 students. It is equipped with mortuary refrigerators which can accommodate 3 cadavers. It has also annexed with it a demonstration room, embalming room and bone preparation room. It also has parts-preserving facilities.


The museum is situated beside the dissection hall. It contains an overwhelming number of imported models arranged in sections of histology, gross anatomy, neuroanatomy and embryology. Models range from various human development stages to life-size human torsos, skeletons, enhanced models of organs of special senses and functional models of various joints and systems of the body; along with the display of a unique series of 100 transverse and sagittal sections of human torso parallel to CT & MRI scans. There are peerless multiple embryology models which unveil the growth of all the systems and organs of human body simultaneously at a single stage of development. The neuroanatomical models also present with the nuclei and tracts connecting the various segments of brain and spinal cord. The museum is well-furnished with display charts and seating arrangements for 50 students at a time. In addition, individual bones are also available to the students for study. The department has a bone-bank of 40 cadaveric and imported articulated skeletons with color muscular and ligamentous attachment-markings.

Histology Laboratory

It is capacious to accommodate 50 students at a time and is equipped with students after’s teaching microscopes, stereo-microscope with camera, and other teaching aids including CCTV microscope system. It has annexed with it a demonstration room, teaching-staff room and a slide-preparation room which is also equipped with all the tools used for preparing microscopic slides including microtome, automatic tissue processor, hot plates, warm plates, paraffin-embedding station, tissue floating bath and oven etc.

Lecture Theatre

Anatomy Department has a lecture theatre on ground floor, furnished with multimedia. The department also works in collaboration with library which is furnished with books as well as audio-visual teaching aids including audios, videos and computer utilities for self-study of gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy and embryology.

Faculty of Anatomy

Prof. Dr. Nahid Tawakal,
Head of Department
Professor,M.B.B.S, M.Phil
Faculty# In Process

Dr. Riasat Ali,
Assistant Professor ,MBBS, DPH, MCPS, M.Phil

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