A curriculum of a medical college or university is guided by the content defined by regulatory /
accreditation bodies i.e. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) it is a
dynamic document which needs to continuously evolve so that the graduates produced are
equipped with the skills needed to provide quality health care to patients under their care, as this
is what are the needs of the society.
The Curriculum at PRCM&DC aims at the application of knowledge and problem solving rather
than only recall of factual knowledge. It focuses on the psychomotor skills that the students
should be able to perform. The curriculum is outcome-based, patient-centered, community-
relevant, promoting health and preventing disease.

Outcomes of the Five Year MBBS Program

By the end of the five-year MBBS program, the graduate will be able to:

1. Application of knowledge

a. Apply biomedical scientific principles, methods and knowledge to medical practice and
integrate these into patient care and clinical decision-making.
b. Apply their knowledge and skills in a competent, ethical and professional manner and taking
responsibility for their own actions in complex and uncertain situations.

2. Communication and Interpersonal skills

a. Communicate effectively, openly and honestly with patients, their relatives, and with
colleagues. And apply patient confidentiality appropriately.
b. Carry out an effective consultation with a patient.

3. Diagnosis and medical management

a. Perform a range of diagnostic, therapeutic and practical procedures safely and effectively,
and identify, according to their level of skill and experience, the procedures for which they
need supervision to ensure patient safety.
b. Prescribe medications safely, appropriately, effectively and economically and be aware of the
common causes and consequences of prescribing errors.

4. Teamwork and collaboration

Work collaboratively with patients and colleagues to diagnose and manage clinical presentations safely in
community, primary and secondary care settings and in patients’ homes.

5. Health promotion and illness prevention

Apply the principles, methods and knowledge of population health and the improvement of health and
sustainable healthcare to medical practice.

6. Clinical research and scholarship

Apply scientific method and approaches to medical research and integrate these with a range
of sources of information used to make decisions for care.

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