Department of Surgery

The field of surgery is an integral part to teach the medical students as well as to provide excellent health care facilities to the patient. This department is headed by Professor Dr. Naveed Jabbar who is a qualified and experienced surgeon and performing his job with dedication in this area. Under his supervision and with the assistance of the faculty members, training of the students always remained par excellence.

Clinical training in this department starts from the third year and continuous up to the final year. Here not only general surgery is performed which remains the mother of all the fields but also surgical producers related with trauma and emergency and elective procedures of an extensive range which include laparoscopic surgery.

It has six days a week OPD, two consultant clinic, male-female general ward, operations theaters with pre and postoperative facilities, surgical ICU, tutorial room for student teaching and round the clock emergency services.

The Mission of this Department is

a) To develop the next generation of leaders in surgery

b) To provide outstanding quality, clinical care in this field

c) To make significant advances in scientific knowledge and
clinical practice through basic and clinical research.


Faculty of Surgery

Prof. Dr. Naveed Jabbar,
Head Of Department – Surgery

Prof. Dr. Abid Hussain Khan,
Professor, MBBS, FCPS, Master of Surgery(General Surgery)

Prof. Dr. Latif Ahmed,
Professor of Surgery, MBBS, MS

Prof. Dr. Aqeel Ahmad,
Professor of Surgery, MD, FCPS, MCPS

Dr. Syed Tahir Muhammad Shah,
Asst. Professor, MBBS, FCPS

Dr. Muhammad Aslam Javed,
Associate Professor, MBBS, FCPS

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